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August 1, Why I Chose Zenfolio Over Smugmug When it comes to selling your photos online there are two main contenders out there Zenfolio and Smugmug and like any good competition they each have their positives and negatives.

Based on feedback from lots of users, Zenfolio completely redesigned their shopping cart, adding the ability for their premium users to completely manage their customers shopping experience, giving photographers a lot more control over the order fulfillment process.

Get a complete website As a professional photographer it is an absolute must that you have a well designed and easy to navigate website. Here is the link from there FB page. Offer Bonus Product with Package Offer an incentive for your clients to buy packages by offering a pre-selected product as a bonus with the package.

You really want your clients to know you use this name? Get detailed feature breakdowns, price comparisons, and Zenfolio discount coupons below Having other services link to your website as much as possible is key to achieving this. If you upload ready-to-print files Finally, Zenfolio must receive permission from the account holder before ANY changes are made to settings by support staff.

Is Zenfolio easy to customise without using much coding? Unlimited photos, customization, your own domain name, commission-free Paypal sales.

Try spreading them throughout the year to your contact lists using seasonal promotions, reminders of prior purchases and products reviewed and timely offers. Please add to the list in the comments if you have other suggestions.

SmugMug Portfolio vs Zenfolio Premium

Google Ad Words can be a great way to try out online ads without spending a lot. Spread the word with social media Many people will go to a restaurant or use a service based upon a recommendation from a friend.

These days there are many ways that you can maximize your search engine optimization or more commonly referred to as SEO so that when potential clients search for a specific type of photographer in your area, your name will appear if you fit the search criteria.

When setting up your site look for a full service option that will enable you to display your portfolio and includes an e-commerce platform, marketing tools, and an easy to navigate client interface.

So as you can see from this example, a niche does not have to be one thing alone. Album design service, packaging, and many others you can see by scrolling down on their plans page. But, for working professional photographers, those extra features are extremely useful.

Thanks for confirming that Mark. Start with emails Promotional email blasts are cheap to produce, easy to target, and effective. Or if you want to shoot for fashion magazines, narrow down which ones you think are a good fit for your style and aesthetic.Choose a specialty The first step in creating a business plan is to determine who you are as a photographer and what you want to specialize in.

While you may enjoy all genres of photography, a focused area or niche is highly recommended. Sep 05,  · 5 Smugmug Pro Alternatives Disadvantages: You only get access to the pro labs with the "Premium Business" plan, which at $/yr, is comparable to Smugmug.

Some say the customization is more limited, but from what I see the templates would be sufficient for me. The plan I would most likely choose would be the Zenfolio Author: Take Out Photo.

& Phone Support Get instant access to Zenfolio specialists via live chat and phone. Most are real photographers just like you who understand your needs as a professional photographer looking to grow your business.

Plan name changes

Is Zenfolio Premium Business Worth the Price? At $ a year, the new Premium Business plan from Zenfolio seems like a lot of extra money, for only a few extra features. But, for working professional photographers, those. Aug 20,  · SmugMug Portfolio vs Zenfolio Premium Aug 13, Are you using Zenfolio's Premium or Premium Business plan?

I'm considering the Premium option. I'm probably not going to be selling a whole lot of prints to customers but obviously nice to have the ability to do so. I'll be mainly providing clients with images in private galleries.

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Step 4 Getting found Step 5 Create a marketing plan Add text elements to your website pages as much as possible with relevant keywords, titles, and captions. Think about other ways you can add A step-by-step guide to creating a business plan.

Zenfolio premium business plan
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