Writing a blog for a law firm

As you think about whether you have the time to write for your site, it might help to ask yourself a simple question: Very few people visit a law firm website more than once or twice, or however many times it takes them to decide whether to contact the firm.

Good writing takes time. If you took the most popular articles from the New York Times and put them on a law firm website, nobody would read them. In addition, it allows for search engines to understand your content so that you have a much better chance of ranking well on those specific topic areas.

This group really knows how to get results for their clients and they are extremely nice people. I recently started using OVC for my online marketing. Blogging is long-game marketing. Websites are no different, and a law firm website creates a very different context than a publication built to be a place for reading interesting or useful things.

Each genuinely loves writing and supporting small firms and solos. But that is a pretty shortsighted blogging strategy. Law firm blogs can be a highly effective way to bring visitors to your website. Garfinkel Greg Wildman and his entire team have worked tirelessly on my behalf to provide me with the optimum SEO results for my business.

For example, if you handle bankruptcy or represent consumers dealing with debt collection, write about personal finance or consumer news. They can illustrate hypothetical case examples, address upcoming changes to applicable laws, or even provide generalized, real-world advice for a variety of situations.

Law Firm Website Writing Services

SinceOVC has specialized in providing attorneys with online marketing services designed to expand their practice and increase client conversion. Build an audience by writing about a subject related to what you do, not by writing only about your area of practice. Benefits of Adding a Blog If it seems like more and more legal websites are incorporating blogs, there is a simple reason for it: Write at least weekly, if not daily.

This article is not about SEO or inbound marketing.

Top 100 Legal Blogs Every Lawyer and Law Student Must Follow

Improved search engine optimization SEO by frequently adding new, relevant content; Better communication of valuable information to potential and current clients; The opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge of current trends in your areas of practice; and Increased search-driven traffic due to specifically focused topics.

However, blogs with active communties often are rewarded with improved website rankings. Each blog is built with a CMS Content Management System so that you can update your blog post from any computer or device with Internet access, including many cell phones.

I plan on a continued relationship indefinitely. Sam is the founder of Lawyerist. Blogs are publications, 2 which means they are meant to be read by an audience of people who return at least occasionally to read more. And do it well.

Call to speak with one of our design professionals about the ways in which a personalized blog can be your key to exponential growth.

People love to pontificate on what a blog is or is not.We are the nation's premier attorney-writers producing content for law firm blogs, websites, and other online efforts.

By focusing solely on legal content we offer the best quality material at the most affordable rates in the business. Our writers are attorneys with search. Legal Blogs for Attorney Websites Blogs and Blog Writing Services for Lawyers.

With advancements in online technology, your website is much more than an internet billboard for your firm.

Get Your Law Blog Off Your Law Firm Website

A firm’s site that instills trust in potential clients will contain client-driven law firm content writing that covers the firm, its attorneys, and the case types that firm specializes in. Content regarding cases and practice areas will feature fresh, updated information that’s % credible and unique.

The Modern Firm’s attorney writing services are of the highest caliber in the business — including work that has been cited by ultimedescente.com among the top blogs in the work's practice area.

We’re quite different from “content farms” driven by keywords first, and good writing second (if ever!). A blog is a foreign concept to many, but it is becoming a necessary tool in a law firm's online arsenal.

Law firm blogs

There are many advantages to having a personalized blog, but the most important one is that it creates an avenue for fresh content and establishes a personal touch by the attorney. For example, there are thousands of personal injury lawyer blogs – what makes yours unique?

You may choose to focus your blog on a geographical region (i.e., Chicago lawyer), practice area (i.e., intellectual property advice), niche subject (i.e., legal news, practice tips, getting into law school) or another topic.

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Writing a blog for a law firm
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