The application of marxism theory in looking at the cause of the american civil war

In a sense, this could be conceived as a kind of test for the capacity of Marxism to establish itself as a genuinely independent discourse. It seems to me that you let yourself be swayed a little too much by the military aspects of things.

The proof can only be in practice, in the development of society itself. Tweet One hundred and fifty years ago North America saw the start of a revolutionary war fought between rival systems and opposing political ideologies.

When Yugoslavia collapsed, intercommunal slaughter in ethnically mixed areas was stoked up by rival ruling classes desperate to gain population and territory for their economically unviable mini-states, which to survive became client dependencies of the imperialist powers. We could not sit idly by and allow Hitler to slaughter his way across Europe.

In some instances, it seems like he meant it as hyperbole, as, when mentioned above, he called for black troops to be enrolled in the Union army: Adam Smith and David Ricardo, by their investigations of the economic system, laid the foundations of the labor theory of value.

The absurdity would be if the method were the proof. In Southern Illinois, a region called Little Egypt, some reactionaries wanted to secede from Illinois and join the Confederacy.

We are only defending ourselves. The manner in which the North wages war is only to be expected from a bourgeois republic, where fraud has so long reigned supreme. The growth of capital is seen to be not merely a quantitative but a qualitative relationship.

Finally the idea is directly linked to the representation of a polarization of classes, and a catastrophic outcome of the economic process in capitalism. In works such as The Life of Jesus, published inYoung Hegelians, in this case David Strauss, attacked the Gospels and pointed out logical fallacies within the works.

We are against all robbers. In the political crisis ofit did succeed in uniting diverse elements in a common platform of opposition to the King, but the effect did not last long.

Bruno Bauer, another Young Hegelian, produced a number of studies on the Gospels and concluded that though Christian ideology was progressive for its time it had become solidified in dogma when it was adopted by the Roman State, and thus ceased to progress, but instead held man back intellectually.

Karl Marx and the American Civil War

Tawney, Religion and the Rise of Capitalism ; C. But under the cautious leadership of a pro-slavery general, there was stalemate, and war-weariness and defeatism infected the North.

Origins of the English Civil Warpp. The war is to defend these people. This of course upset a great many people when Marx began demonstrating how dominant groups of people, even people who had never seen themselves as having "done wrong", had arrived in their positions in life based on exploitive or infamous conditions of the past, of which their current social positions were products.

Based on the idea of historical materialism the relationship of events, causes and effects, can be traced back through time. Indeed the combination of social and national liberation movements in the century-long process of decolonization led to a completely new understanding of the articulation of the class and national factors of history, and a revived internationalism both in theory and organization, from the times of the komintern to those of the tricontinental and beyond.

Marxism and the English Civil War

His latest proclamation, which is drafted in the same style, the manifesto abolishing slavery, is the most important document in American history since the establishment of the Union, tantamount to the tearing up of the old American Constitution.

The twentieth century is the era of imperialist war.

Marxism & War

As many have noted recently, we ignore this at our peril. The opposite of self-determination is forced annexation for the gain of the oppressor nation, not for the benefit of the conquered nation.

Karl Marx recognized that the core reason for the war was chattel slavery, an economic system in which people are kept in bondage and not compensated for their labor. Yet virtually no one but socialists defends self-determination as a principle that should apply to all nations, rather than as a privilege for some nations.

From the beginning of the war, the North blockaded Southern ports, cutting off cotton shipments to manufacturing centers like Manchester and plunging the British working class into mass unemployment.

Marxist works on the American Civil War (PDFs inside)

This could suggest that the problem of revolutionary transformation was ill-formulated. Shortages of cotton from the South eventually caused a major crisis in British industry.Similarly, the American Civil War between Northern capitalism, in alliance with the free Blacks of the North and the slaves of the South, against the Southern Confederacy of plantation slave owners was a war for human liberation as well as for capitalist progress.

The Civil War was the pivotal event in US history – a second revolutionary war to complete the work of the first and determine which of two incompatible social systems would dominate the North American continent.

Marxism and war

Karl Marx never visited the United States despite how large it loomed in his imagination, especially during the American Civil War, the subject of a. Marxism and war. 60 years ago on September 3rd World War broke out for the second time in 25 years.

The horrors of the trenches of Flanders and Mons were never supposed to be repeated again. THE CIVIL War is the defining event in the history of the United States, yet also the most misunderstood.

More books are written on this war than on any period of US history, yet for all the words poured across the pages, the real cause of the war—slavery—is usually missed or obscured. Feb 11,  · The Impact of the American Civil War and the Paris Commune on Marx’s Greatest Work Marx had begun the study of political economy at the time of his break with the bourgeois world and with the Young Hegelians ().

The application of marxism theory in looking at the cause of the american civil war
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