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It was never restored, and remains in ruins to this day. Antonius Abbas Inthe parish of Cochem was granted leave to build a new chapel in Sehl on the bank of the Moselle. Despite heavy weathering, a high relief of a Madonna sitting on clouds, with Child, framed with a Zweipass, can be made out.

Coat of arms[ edit ] The German blazon reads: Geography[ edit ] The district consists of three different landscapes. Seen above her is the Holy Trinity with the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, and beside her are Death with the hourglass, and an angel with banners bearing doxologies and quotations from psalms.

Of this chapel, the quire still stands today, filled out by the west portal built in Besides the many small ones, there was also a big one of more than ten Thaler.


A cartouche above the central altar shows Saint "Anthony with Child". Remaklus ; three-floor Romanesque tower, 12th century? Not far from Cochem, down the Moselle from the village of Klotten, is found the Dortebachtal Nature Conservation Area, a place well worth a hike for its scenery.

It had its first documentary mention in as belonging to a one Wirich von Wunnenberg. Nevertheless, the chapel later Singles cochem zell one that was poured in In the centuries that followed, the castle complex was steadily expanded while all the Singles cochem zell remaining within the ownership of the Lords of Wunnenberg later Winneburg.

Rochus ; Baroque aisleless church, ; Singles cochem zell Gothic keystone, 15th century; cross fragments Town wall monumental zone — begun inreinforced in ; preserved: The execution of this work, which was simple yet marked by great quality, stands out quite strongly within the church.

Standing next to a small, rectangular chapel was a hostel. To raise more monies to defray the building costs for the new chapel, a raffle was held. Winneburg castle ruin[ edit ] The Winneburg was built in the latter half of the 13th century. Calling at the station are RegionalbahnRegional-Express and InterCity trains, along with one ICE train each morning and evening affording a morning-evening link with Berlin.

It was, however, bought in by Prince von Metternich, but no reconstruction ever came about. Above the Imperial castle is found the Lescherlinde, a limetree which, owing to its great age of more than years — it can even be clearly recognized up on the mountain from Cochem railway station — holds the status of Natural Monument.

There is also a promenade along the Moselle. According to the plan conceived by master churchbuilder Emil Steffann —the building was meant to serve as a bridgehead and a counterpoint to the castle over on the other side of the river. It was a wall fixture in the shape of an arm dressed with a short sleeve.

The ornamentation has been consciously reduced to a few very valuable, restored images and figures from the old, and now demolished, parish church, and to conservatively wrought artworks by contemporary artists: It is also possible that the red sandstone keystone set above the west portal comes from this time.

Chapel at the Three Crosses[ edit ] On an open spot between Cochem and Sehl in the traditional cadastral area known as Im Haag at some crags, the Kapelle Zu den drei Kreuzen "Chapel at the Three Crosses" offers an impressive view into the Moselle valley.

Sinceit has been owned by the town of Cochem. It incorporates above all openness: This might well have been the reason why Philipp Emmerich von Winneburg and Dietrich Adolf von Metternich endowed a new building for the parish in Cochem is the administrative seat of the Verbandsgemeinde of Cochem and the Cochem-Zell district.

It was financed through donations from the Cochem townsfolk themselves. A huge wheel-shaped chandelier spreads over the pews and the chancel. The upper part of the coat of arms shows the main charge of the coat of arms of the Zell district, the cross of Trieras the Bishops of Trier had a castle at Zell.

History[ edit ] In the districts Cochem and Zell were created, after the area went to Prussia. Towns and municipalities[ edit ]. On the uppermost part of the altar, on an open gable, is Saint Peter with a key and a book.

Offered as a prize was a pair of slippers, which was won by Captain Sabel. So, Dalmar instead put forth a plan for a new building, along with a cost estimate.Cochem is the seat of and the biggest town in the Cochem-Zell district in Rhineland-Palatinate, just over 5, inhabitants, Cochem falls just behind Kusel, in the Kusel district, as Germany's second smallest district 7 Juneit has belonged to the Verbandsgemeinde of Cochem.

The latest Tweets from Rhein-Zeitung Cochem (@RZCochem). Einblicke und Ausblicke: Die RZ-Lokalredaktion Cochem verrät, was sie so bewegt.

Und was sich im Kreis Cochem-Zell so tut. Cochem. Cochem-Zell, Klotten. 63 likes.

Cochem-Zell is a district in the north-west of Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. Neighboring districts are Mayen-Koblenz, /5(9).

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Singles cochem zell
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