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Boone encouraged Louie to attend college as his roommate was planning on doing. In the movie Remember the Titans, racial tensions between team members, friends, and even parents with their children are apparent on and off the field as the Titans, newly integrated, make their state championship run.

From the first news that the school would be intergraded, the current players of Titan football team were concerned that they would lose their position to a black player.

The day of the first football meeting, Coach Yoast showed up unannounced with the entire white Titan team. It did not matter that Louie was a white student; he was a player on his team and wanted him to succeed. This was a time when the mixing of races was unheard of.

Both coaches were aware that in order to be successful on the field, they would need the team to come together as one. The Titans had more to worry about than playing football, they had to learn to trust and accept one another as equals.

Coach Boone went on to require that every player had to get to know their roommate. Coach Boone was determined that camp was the place where the team would have to develop a strong bond. This is where you start to see the stronger players emerge.

This obviously did not go over well with Coach Yoast.

He made it clear that everyone will have a chance and the better person would play regardless of color. He explained to them that thousands of young men died at that very spot fighting for what they were still fighting in themselves. The movie took a drastic change after the Gettysburg scene.

Coach Boone took everyone for a run through the forest to the grounds where the battle of Gettysburg was held. As the movie went own, they showed a scene where Williams Titan high school football team. During the camp, Coach Boone realized that he would need to do more than have each player with a roommate of a different race.

This was the first time you would see the separation of the two races and the first time you would witness Coach Yoast undermine Coach Boone. Boone believes that the only way to improve someone is by hardening them, while this constructive criticism given by coach Yoast only weakens them to problems that they encounter in the real world.

Coach Yoast, who acts as assistant coach under Coach Boone, starts off on bad terms with Coach Boone by showing obvious favoritism for his all-white football team. Coach Boone stated that he would never turn down anyone who wanted to play for him.

The whole town was in a complete up roar. In defense Julius told Gary that he knew that his team mates were letting blocks go by allowing the quarterback Revwho was a black member of the team, get hit all of the time. Gary and Julius are the same person, just opposite races.

Coach Boone had arranged a camp for the team as a test of their strength on and off the field.Remember the Titans, was the movie I chose to write my final paper on. I wanted to pick a film that I had never seen before and one that had a great message.

I was told that Remember the Titans was a great film and I heard right.4/4(1). Remember the Titans Essay – Draft ‘Remember the Titans’ directed by Boaz Yakin is a film that demonstrates many important themes.

The three that are the most significant in the story are racism, determination and acceptance.

Studying the Themes of the Movie: Remember the Titans

The themes explored in ‘Remember the Titans’ are strength, unity, courage, brotherhood, pride, trust, over-coming racism, friendship, team bonding, over-coming adversity and change.

Each character in the film each had to experience each one of these themes, bettering themselves. Remember the titans is a movie based on a true story about the s’ schools integration plan this film is centered around the football team of the newly integrated school “T.


Remember the Titans

Williams high school” and the struggles of racial separation, this movie shows the struggles of the two races desperately trying to become one community, I. "Remember the Titans" is one of the most thrilling movies on the theme of racial integration, perhaps because it is based on a true story, or because it is the story of a football team called the Titans who were not only perfect in every aspect of the game, but did not let anything come between them as a team.3/5(1).

Read Remember the Titans free essay and over 88, other research documents. Remember the Titans. Remember the Titans Essay: In the movie Remember the Titans, racial tensions between team members, friends, and even parents with 5/5(1).

Remember the titans theme essays
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