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Although tribal lands often have oil, gas, coal, or uranium resources, and tremendous renewable energy resources, tribal communities face immense energy challenges. Finally, inED formed the Equity and Excellence Commission to examine the potential impact of school finance on educational opportunity and recommend ways for restructuring school finance systems to increase equity and achievement.

But it is because of that process that I can now Mgmt 308 sample midterm before you as President of the United States. Approximately 56 million surface acres and 57 million acres of subsurface mineral estates are held in federal trust for the use and benefit of tribes and individual Indians.

The new law authorizes funds and technical assistance for state, local, and tribal governments to enable them more effectively to investigate and prosecute hate crimes. Where a government employer or other government entity has engaged Mgmt 308 sample midterm racial discrimination in the past, it will generally be permitted and may sometimes be required to consider race in a narrowly tailored fashion to correct the effects of its past conduct.

Title VI itself prohibits intentional discrimination. Title II of GINA prohibits the use of genetic information in making employment decisions, restricts acquisition of genetic information by employers and other covered entities, and strictly limits the disclosure of genetic information.

In Septemberthe district court entered an injunction setting forth detailed requirements for both trust administration and accounting, see Cobell v. The Attorney General met with the leaders of federally-recognized Indian tribes in October to discuss public safety challenges in tribal communities, and the Department of Justice issued a directive to all United States Attorneys with federally recognized tribes in their districts to develop, after consultation with those tribes, operational plans for addressing public safety in Indian country.

Attorneys dedicated to prosecuting crime in Indian country in nearly two dozen districts. The lesson is that empowering tribes to deal with the challenges they face and taking advantage of the available opportunities will result in tribal communities that thrive.

Paragraphs of the Initial Report and paragraphs of the combined Second and Third Periodic Report set forth the policy of the United States of promoting self-government in the Insular Areas of the United States.

In two cases, the Supreme Court invalidated sexual orientation classifications under a more permissive standard of review without determining whether heightened scrutiny applied. Government is also working with tribal leaders to bring high speed internet access to their communities. Corrective or affirmative action.

This is why we are committed to holding everyone to the same standard, including ourselves. The accompanying statement is at: Combating crimes involving violence against women and children on Native lands is a particularly high priority for the U.

Equal Protection in Education Justice Kennedy suggested in his concurring opinion in the case that school districts may attempt to further compelling interests in achieving educational diversity and eliminating racial isolation by employing factors that do not rely on the race of individual students or, where necessary, by using the sort of tailored, individualized considerations upheld in Grutter.

The Supreme Court has yet to rule on the appropriate level of equal protection scrutiny for classifications based on sexual orientation. These funds are being used to renovate schools on reservations across the country, to create new jobs in tribal economies, improve housing, support health care facilities, and bolster policing services.

Government has consulted with representatives of civil society and has sought information and input from their organizations. In addition, the Fair Sentencing Act, which President Obama signed on August 3,reduces sentencing disparities between powder cocaine and crack cocaine offenses, capping a long effort to address the fact that those convicted of crack cocaine offenses are more likely to be members of racial minorities, P.

The United States Supreme Court has addressed affirmative action plans in the education context. The law includes new guidelines and training for domestic violence and sex crimes. Constitution, Articles I and II. Graduates will use continuous learning opportunities to improve and enhance their professional skills.

The ADAAA also included a conforming amendment to section of the Rehabilitation Act ofanother federal law that prohibits disability discrimination by entities that receive federal financial assistance. The Secretary of the Interior may collect income from tribal trust property and may deposit it for the benefit of the relevant tribe in the United States Treasury or other depository institution.

American Indians and Alaska Natives 9. If a tribe chose not to manage its own trust accounts, or if the BIA found that a tribe could not fulfill the necessary fiduciary obligations, the government retained control over the accounts. Another public health challenge on which the Administration is focusing particularly intensely is the unacceptably high rate of suicide by Native American youth.

President Obama delivered opening and closing remarks and participated in interactive discussion with the leaders. The Cobell case was filed in as a class action on behalf of approximatelyindividual beneficiaries of IIM accounts, alleging that the Secretaries of the Interior and Treasury had breached their fiduciary duties relating to accounting of IIM accounts, and seeking declaratory and injunctive relief, see Cobell v.

The United States is home to over federally recognized tribes, with about 50 percent of the American Indian and Alaska Native population residing on or near their homelands. Program Educational Objectives Graduates will be successful professionals obtaining positions appropriate to their background, interests, and education.

This legislation overrides a U. The letter reiterated that under the Supreme Court decision in Plyler v. The settlement agreement requires the district to: The United States has provided the text and explanations for reservations, understandings and declarations it undertook at the time it became a State Party to the Covenant in its prior reports.MGMT BUSINESS RESPONSIBILITIES IN SOCIETY Midterm Study Guide – Fall Frank Cardenas CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCION TO THE FIELD Four basic models of the BGS relationship are set forth.

I. The market capitalism model depicts the relationship as a set of arrangements in accord with the assumptions of classical capitalism. mgmt Midterm File. MGMT GROUP PROJECT File. mgmt quiz 2 File. Course Outline - Fall File.

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