Math ia type 2 stellar numbers

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Ib math portfolio stellar numbers

In this task you will consider geometric shapes which lead to special numbers. Parents save time and money and are freed from the hassle of driving to and from educational centers.

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Organize the data so that you can recognize and describe any patterns. As a small ethnic group, Hungarians have lived stellar numbers essay in Australia since colonial times, and have often contributed constructively to their adopted country. Proportions of Numbers and Magnitudes Essay Not only are they sieving for stellar This topics provides a fascinating introduction to both combinatorial Game Theory and Group Theory.IB Math Portfolio Stellar Numbers/ Complex Numbers/ Pattern Linear Equations help tutors examples.

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Stellar Number(Math IA) prev. next. out of 2. Post on Jan 10 views. Category: Documents. 0 download. Report. Download; DESCRIPTION. Stellar Number This task purpose is to find a sequence of arithmatic or geometric series that are determine by a special geomatric shape, which in this case a stellar.

Maths IA – Maths Exploration Topics

Math SL Investigation Type 2 Stellar Numbers This is an investigation about stellar numbers, it involves geometric shapes which form special number patterns. Stellar Numbers - My Math Forum To MarkFL: Hi, I saw the work that you did on Stellar Numbers on this forum and I had a question about them and you seem to be very knowledgeable in this subject!

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Math ia type 2 stellar numbers
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