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China wary of India’s strategic potential

In other words, like the erstwhile Soviet Union RussiaChina, too, must now be seen as a strategic competitor rather than a country that would, over time, liberalize.

Asia Times is not responsible for the opinions, facts or any media content presented by contributors. A CCTV programme reported for the first time the existence of a base in northwest China with a huge X-band phased array radar which is usually part Hna china air a ballistic missile defense system.

However, India has a sense of its own self-worth and place in the global scheme of things and accepting Chinese primacy in its own neighborhood is not part of it.

China’s civil aviation regulator orders HNA-backed airlines to settle their fuel bills

Ever since Modi has come to power, India has accelerated these efforts. According to the report, the radar, which is on the Qinghai plateau, would cover any possible launch from the Indian subcontinent and pass it on to a surface-to-air missile SAM system which would be the equivalent of the American Patriots or Russian Ss.

Hainan Airlines

Its recent National Security Strategy noted that China and Russia challenge American power, influence and interests, and are attempting to erode American security and prosperity.

But China maintained a significant surge capacity amounting to some 30 divisions that could be deployed, if necessary. Zhou says he has served on the Indian border and was one of the people who articulated a tough line on Doklam to a group of visiting Indian media personnel in Beijing even as the crisis was unfolding.

Another interesting signal as to just how this is working is available from the report, following testing of the Agni V missile on January The test of the medium-range ballistic missile was hailed by the Indian media because it could cover most of China.

Till now, comfortable with their economic and military lead over India, China did not really categorize India as a competitor of any kind.

HNA will ditch vanity purchases for aviation, logistics and tourism to develop its home turf

Zhou, who speaks fluent English, is a familiar figure in the international circuit, attending seminars, forums and workshops, mounting a strong defense of Chinese positions on a range of issues.

And so it is seeking to offset Chinese power through growing proximity to the US and Japan, who have their own reasons for wanting to keep China in check. This is as clear a signal you can get that the very top echelons of the Chinese leadership are concerned about issues relating to their border with India.

Comment 0 China appears to be coming around to the view that India, despite having a much smaller economy and military, is emerging as a strategic competitor of sorts by aligning itself with Japan and the United States.

And in our nuclear age, would a country risk everything on the reported efficacy of its ballistic missile defense system? Some years ago, India reached a point where it began to think of raising a mountain strike corps. Given their enhanced clout in South Asia, and the fact that their economy is five times that of India and their military considerably stronger, they seek a situation where India quietly accepts Chinese primacy, or is subdued through the Chinese politico-military policy in the South Asia and Indian Ocean region SA-IOR.

SL Green to Buy Stake in 245 Park Avenue From HNA Group

Traditionally, given the terrain, India has maintained a defensive posture in the Himalayas, but the raising of a strike corps, of a type that would carry the battle into Tibet has rung alarm bells in China. On the Indian side, road construction has plodded along.

In case of abuse, click here to report. Ironically, the US has come to the same conclusion about China. In any case, support to Pakistan was sufficient to keep India off-balance. The signs of a Chinese shift are visible in many different ways.HAIKOU, China and NEW YORK, April 10, /PRNewswire/ -- HNA Group, a global Fortune company focused on tourism, logistics and financial services, today announced that Israel Hernandez has.

Russia, China eclipse US in hypersonic missiles: Pentagon

Sep 19,  · Breaking news. RACQ CQ Rescue says it is responding to a second shark attack in Cid Harbour in the Queensland Whitsundays, less than 24 hours. The United States defense establishment has not stopped ringing alarm bells on what they say are rising threats posed by Russia and China, and their warnings are prompting fear among members of Congress.

HNA Group, which was among China’s biggest global asset buyers as recently assaid its investments in the next few years will revolve around aviation, logistics and tourism in Hainan, as.

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