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Start with your core list, but also add other keywords and phrases that you notice as you research. Tertiary sources are those used to organize and locate secondary and primary sources.

Primary sources are original materials on which other research is based, including: The database contains well overrecords and continues to grow. General Encyclopedias Britannica, Americana, etc.

It is the first step in critically evaluating your source of information. Try key phrases such as "women and Civil War" or "girls and Civil War. The trick is to find and then match appropriate, valid sources to your own ideas.

Talking about these topics can help you figure out how to approach searching for and finding good sources. Look at a database in your subject area. The Library of Congress publishes a Subject Heading Index listing all of the subject headings that they use.

Personal web pages are NOT a good source to go by--they often have incorrect information on them and can be very misleading.

Journals are written by and for professionals in various fields and will provide you with in-depth, specific information. Usually, the location is a place called "the stacks," which is where you go to look for periodicals that are older than the current issue.

Is the information presented accurately, to the best of your knowledge? You must be very careful to record the page number that this information is from, because you will need to include it in your paper.

Academic journals — These journals are a great way to find cutting edge research on your topic. Your professors will expect you to use some journals; in fact, the more advanced your courses are, the more you should be using journal articles in your research as opposed to magazine articles.

You can get an idea of how to narrow down and focus your subject simply by scanning these various headings and sub-headings.

Research Paper Resources: Online Resources

It provides comprehensive information on the agencies of the legislative, judicial, and executive branches as well as semi-official agencies, international organizations in which the United States participates, and boards, commissions, and committees.

It has a searchable directory of Internet resources, over 3, total, on a wide variety of topics. As you are reading a book, journal article, or newspaper article, you should keep the following questions in mind, which will help you understand how useful the book will be to you.

Finding Sources of Information There are several approaches you can take to finding information for a research paper. The reference librarian can tell you which CDs might be the most helpful and can help you sign them out and use them. For college research papers, you will need to use sources available in academic libraries college or university libraries as opposed to public libraries.

Here are a few academic objectives that a general Web search can help you meet: All of these approaches will give you useful resources on your topic. For example, if you are searching for information about women in the Civil War, it would be too broad to enter just "women" and "war.

The library If you go to the library, you will find that the old card catalog, which only lists books, has been replaced by a computer in most libraries.Internet Research Tips Finding Reliable Online Sources.

Share Flipboard Email Print Government sites are usually good sources for statistics and objective reports. Find Sources for Your Research Paper. How Astronomers Determine Stellar Mass. A. Finding Sources. SUMMARY. Another reason why Wikipedia should not be cited in an academic research paper is that it aims to be like an encyclopedia–a source of reference information, not scholarly research or primary or secondary sources.

One must delineate between general reference for general knowledge and scholarly sources for. Finding and Evaluating Sources; Finding and Evaluating Sources. In this topic, you can read about: There are several approaches you can take to finding information for a research paper.

Two approaches are: Look for information through the library. If you find one good source, the bibliography at the end of it will point to research that.

Finding Sources

Finding Sources--explanation Using sources to support your ideas is one characteristic of the research paper that sets it apart from personal and creative writing. Sources come in many forms, such as magazine and journal articles, books, newspapers, videos, films, computer discussion groups, surveys, or interviews.

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Good online sources research paper
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