Explain the factors that influene childrens

When your child is old enough, consider getting him a library card. Play is the work of children. What types of services and opportunities are there in the community? Even if times are tough, children will thrive in a close-knit loving family.

Their genetic information is made up from both the egg and the sperm. The more opportunities he gets the better is the cognition, because he will be able to add to his mental capacities by learning through these opportunities.

This information can sometimes be faulty and will affect the development of the health of the child. Spina Bifida is another condition that is present from birth. This is a condition where there is a hole in the muscle that usually separates the different chambers in the heart.

The family that invests time, energy and love in raising a child will see the most positive growth. Disability Cerebal palsy is a neurological condition that affects the brain and nervous system. Children often spend a large part of the day in school, and can gain much or not, depending on the quality of the school.

They may have to rely heavily on adults in some areas of their lives and have little or no sense of self-reliance. Consistent and responsive caregiving fosters security in a young child. But the indifferent family has a negative effect as well.

Make the most of your time off with the family. He forms new com Eighteen months-old draws irregular sketch with crayons when he sees some similar between the sketch and any object around him.

A hearing impairment can mean that speech is unclear and words pronuounced incorrectly. People who are more resilient are less likely to experience depression and anxiety, and more likely to have healthy relationships. He learns language, habits, by observing family and people around them.

How are the schools?

What Influences Child Development?

Spend time playing with the child, from floor time with babies to throwing a ball with older children. Does the community have a library, parks, and community centers for sports and other activities?

Children may have been abused or neglected prior to entering care system. Defective sense organs collect defective stimuli and as a result wrong concepts can be formed and the cognitive development will not be perfect. Watch Temperament video external link from Parent2Parent.

If there is a choice for schools, parents should do as much research as possible to find which will serve the child best. For example atrioventricular septal defect AVSD. Parks and community centers offer space to run and play. The successful family preserves the innocence of the child by nurturing and protecting him, or on the flip side, allows him to be exposed to negative experiences which can harm his development.

What Factors Affect Child Development?

Toxic stress interferes with healthy brain development. Watch Quality of interactions video external link from the Ontario Ministry of Education.

Is there access to good health care? Again the symptoms and severity vary greatly from child to child and also by the type of Cerebral palsy suffered for example spastic hemiplegia or ataxic cerebral palsy.

Through play activities, the child interacts with the environment, receives stimuli and responds to them. WHO warns that a child with a stressful family environment may go on to experience learning disabilities and has a higher risk of coming down with a stress-related illness.

This can lead to a child avoiding social interaction, affecting emotional and social development, if they feel unable to express themselves properly. All of these measures can be taken in any household, no matter the socio-economic status.

Watch Impact of our view of the child video external link from the Ontario Ministry of Education. Younger children may be neglected, whilst older children may have to take on a caring role within the family.

Although most parents do a good job at nurturing and providing for their children, there are a number of reasons why some parents are not able to do as good a job.

Care status Although some children in care have no developmental issues, many do. Genetics As soon as a child is conceived their development begins. What if a child needs special services to aid development?Understand Child and Young Person Development 2.

Understand the factors that influence children and young people’s development and how these affect practice. Explain how children and young people’s development is influenced by a range of personal factors.

A child's development is affected by environment, genetics, experiences and relationships. Because there are many factors involved, child development is complex. Environmental factors, such as income and education, all affect a child's development. A safe community offers a chance to explore.

Income. Factors that Influence a Child’s Social and Emotional Well-Being Positive, caring relationships in the early years are the 'building blocks' for social development. Relationships in the early years set the stage for all other relationships in a child’s life providing the foundation for social development.

Factors that Influence Children’s Social and Emotional Development Many factors may affect the way children express their social skills or emotional competencies or the rate at which children acquire social skills or emotional competencies. Generally it does not affect a child’s cognitive development but, depending on the type a child has, may affect their physical development.

In severe cases the child’s legs may be partially or even fully paralysed and there may also be.

What are the Factors Affecting Cognitive Development of Children?

(1) Biological factors (a) Sense organs Sense organs are important because they receive stimuli from the environment. Their proper development helps in receiving correct stimuli and the correct What are the Factors Affecting Cognitive Development of Children?

Explain the factors that influene childrens
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