Effects of floods in mumbai

Email Last Updated Aug 30, 7: REUTERS The rains have led to wide-scale flooding in a broad arc stretching across the Himalayan foothills in the three countries, causing landslides, damaging roads and electric towers and washing away tens of thousands of homes and vast swathes of farmland.

But there is an increasing variability in recent decades. Moreover, poor workmanship and un-trained labor also result in a non-satisfactory job of cleaning the drains. Since the discharge of all the storm water and treated sewage is released into the Arabian Sea, tidal variation also constitutes a major component in the system of the storm water drainage SWD.

The turn gave rise to a vortex, which resulted in a low pressure. Floods in the coastal regions usually occur when there is a rise in the water levels, as a result of heavy storms.

The Mumbai floods also occurred due to moisture surge from the Arabian Sea, and the heavy rains were not confined to Mumbai but spread over a large region across central India [3].

South Asia floods kill 1,200 and shut 8 million children out of school

Warrier is an environment journalist and blogger. As we said, Mumbai received more than 11 times this amount in under 12 hours on August 29, However, after Effects of floods in mumbai monsoon sets in and moves into its active phase, the situation is conducive to the occurrence of very heavy rains over Mumbai, when they are col lectively a result of the following factors: In the meanwhile, powerful winds rose up in the atmosphere, leading to a heavy downpour.

Archived from the original PDF on 24 July Unusually Heavy Rains and Rising Sea-levels: Moreover, the lack of proper co-ordination amongst the various disaster management authorities in the city also delayed the relief operations, causing further damage.

There is an overall increasing trend of events exceedingand mm since the s. The immense loss of life and property caused by this event are testimony to the fact that the impacts of climate change can add significantly to the vulnerability of the locations and communities that face the danger of natural disasters anyway.

Economic During floods especially flash floodsroads, bridges, farms, houses and automobiles are destroyed. Sometimes insects and snakes make their ways to the area and cause a lot of havoc.

Mumbai floods 2005 effects jobs

The IFRC — working with the Bangladesh Red Crescent Society and the Nepal Red Cross — has launched appeals to support almostvulnerable people with immediate relief and long-term help with water and sanitation, health and shelter. With the river hemmed in by perpendicular, concrete riverbanks as it flowed through Ahmedabad, there were serious threats of heavy flooding, and the administration reportedly evacuated more than 10, people.

In addition to this, flooding brings a lot of diseases and infections including military fever, pneumonic plague, dermatopathia and dysentery. The city was caught unawares and un-prepared to deal with the crisis that followed the floods. With sewage mixing with stormwater, it is difficult to channel the excess rain water into local lakes.

Also, numerous old and abandoned buildings are being revitalized and remodeled to be used for a different purpose. This is the worst flooding since when, in 24 hours to 8.

Floodwaters carry lots of nutrients that are deposited in the plains.

Mumbai flooding causes transport chaos

Localities in and around Koramangala in the southern part of the city went under water, with parked vehicles nearly submerging. Sea levels would rise and create further risks from storm surges for populations that inhabit small island states, low-lying coastal areas and floodplains.

Rain events greater than mm have increased in number in the past years, researchers Jagdish Krishnaswamy and Srinivasan Vaidyanathan wrote. Climate Change and Heavy Rains Heavy rains to a magnitude of more than mm are almost of a regular occurrence in Mumbai at the onset of the monsoons.

Thus, this natural catastrophe that shook the Mumbai region in can be ascribed to three main factors as stated by Dr. These were few of the drawbacks due to which the city suffered so gravely.

To evacuate those who wanted to leave the city and were stuck at the airport, the Indian Navy helped operate civilian flights from the naval air base at nearby Arkonam. They do not appear to be. In Chennai, the release of water from the Chembarambakkam reservoir upstream of the Adayar river on December 1,was thought to have triggered floods along the river.

Scientists and experts claim that in the case of the Mumbai floods, the phenomenon started with high velocity air currents in the Arabian Sea, which turned at degrees, giving rise to a trough.

Mumbai floods: Why India’s cities are struggling with extreme rainfall

If the rain intensity exceeds 25 mm per hour and a high tide occurs, there is always a possibility of inundation. What can be done to make them more resilient? This is because the slope of the drains is supposedly designed to generate a self-cleaning velocity in the flow and is thus built to keep flooding relatively rare.

During —, there has been a three-fold rise in widespread extreme rainfall events, over the entire central belt of India from Mumbai to Bhubaneshwar, leading to a steady rise in the number of flash floods [3].

The rains have led to flooding in a broad arc stretching across the Himalayan foothills in Bangladesh, Nepal and Indiacausing landslides, damaging roads and electric towers and washing away tens of thousands of homes and vast swaths of farmland.

Thus, their destruction disturbs the ecological balance. The secondary runway of the Chennai airport, built over the Adayar river, was flooded and airport services were paralysed for days. All of this means that we would have to create mechanisms and infrastructure by which we would have early warning about the impeding changes in the climate.Effects of flooding Floods can have devastating consequences and can have effects on the economy, environment and people.

Economic During floods (especially flash floods), roads, bridges, farms, houses and automobiles are destroyed. EFFECTS OF FLOODS Floods are mostly caused by the intensive rainfall that incereases the water level dramatically and results excessive water overflow that might have some devastating effects on te endangerd areas.

This unexpected hazard might have a significant impact on both economy and human beings. MUMBAI, India-- Torrential devastating floods have killed more than 1, people across South Asia and affected close to 40 million in northern India, southern Nepal and northern Bangladesh.

Founded: Sep 18, Hi we are a small company who are compiling a video which explores a unique area and coast line. The video is to be used in a visitor centre. This will support a new inte maps need to be overlayed on top down shots to reveal 'now and then' effect. The Mumbai flood refers to the flooding that occurred on August 29, following heavy rain on 29 August in Mumbai.

Transport systems were unavailable through parts of the city as trains and roadways were shut. Short Paragraph on Causes and Effects of Floods in India.

Category: Essays, Paragraphs and Articles On January 30, By Sanjoy Roy. Introduction. Flood refers to the overflow of huge amount of water into the dry lands causing severe destruction.

Flood is natural calamities that bring a great disaster and destruction of both man and nature.

Effects of floods in mumbai
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