Diary task 2 unit 4 for

Allow about one week for turnaround. To gain opinions I asked a handful of my peers to listen to my Commercial and asked if they could give me any feedback on it. The first part of the evaluation is asking the child to examine and analyse their journal writing over a period of time.

Journal writing Brainstorm ideas on why people write. You may use a dictionary or your English Handbook. I decided to produce a radio advert based on BOA because of the relevance of the time of the year. The only thing that set us back was obtaining the music beds other than that, I would not do anything different in producing our adverts.

Allow students ownership of their journal.

Learning task 1: Journal writing

I could hear this being on the radio. Discuss with the students the difference and discuss how well you, as the writer, have conveyed thoughts and ideas.

Diary Task 2 Unit 4 for Level 2 Child Care

Journal writing Learning task 1: Unit 2, Task 5 Exam 2 will ask you to write an essay: You must successfully complete all your work through Unit 2 including Exam 2 in order to remain in the course beyond the W date.

The reason for choosing the portfolio piece will have been modelled first by the teacher. We believe this advert will work because of the voice overs and the music bed we have used.

With this, we had to be extremely careful because of copyright purposes. There is no time limit, so go to the Testing Center early enough to allow yourself plenty of time. A diary is a record of actions or what they have done.

Some are too difficult for the children to understand but others give a good insight into why and how they write, eg. You may not bring a draft. This alone can attract a wider audience for our advert and will promote BOA to the wider audience.

When the work is published ask the child to fill in the self-evaluation sheet. The only sound effects we used was at the start of the of the advert, where we used a telephone sound effect to create imagery for our audience.

Task 2, 3 and 4

Let them see you work through the process changing your ideas and thoughts several times. Over the next few weeks use journal writing when appropriate and allow the children opportunities to write in their journals in their own time.

It could be 10 mins of a writing lesson once a week or for a few minutes each day. A journal is mostly about the student and as such is writing about themselves, their ideas, thoughts, dreams and opinions.

I will not accept the essay exam UNLESS you have already submitted the planning materials to me and received my response to them along with your grade. Ask what do we know about these authors? Shopping list - to buy the correct items at the shop.

Allow latitude in presenting the work as the children try out different methods for publishing, eg. There was just enough content in the ad to give people the sufficient information that they needed and it was delivered in an interesting way.

Because of the nature of the advert we decided that the advert needed a upbeat music bed under the voiceover to make it more so appealing. Discuss changing names to protect the identity of people in the piece of writing.

You will not receive the exam back.We will write a custom essay sample on Diary Task Unit 4 Task 1 specifically for you for only $ $/page. Before taking Exam 2, you must complete Unit 2, Task 4 (preparing and submitting two worksheets, an Observation Diary and a Plan Sheet). You may bring your Observation Diary and.

Learning task 1: Journal writing. Brainstorm ideas on why people write. Write down all the different types of writing they know, eg. shopping lists, notes, stories, reports etc.

Beside each type of writing give a reason for the writing: A diary is a record of actions or what they have done. A journal is a record of reactions. A journal is. Unit 4 – Task 2. a) (See Unit 1 – Task 3 for ongoing consultations with young people) More than two consultations took place within the Drop In Centre, including using the TV and reporting session within the Drop In to report what concerns or issues young people take into.

Task 2 - Radio Advert: Worked as a group consisting Kay-lee Golding, Sian Medford and Myself. Hope's Advert -BOA Advert: FINAL IDEA: I wanted to complete a commercial for Birmingham Ormiston Academy, which will be a short term commercial promoting the first steps to enrollment of the September entry.

I wanted our radio to be no more. Unit 4 Per Diary Task. Unit 5 Practice Evidence Record Diary Task 1 P An example of a way I have worked as part of a team is helping out in the years old room when the room was busy and the setting was less of staff.

Another example of a way I worked as part of a team was by helping the practitioners follow parent’s wishes.

Diary task 2 unit 4 for
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