Coke and pepsi in india case study

Coke and Pepsi Learn to Compete in India Case Study

In my opinion this issues could have been anticipated prior to coming to India and arrangements could have been made to deal with them effectively. Though both are focusing on targeting the youth as they see a greater market share in the youth.

In an official press release, Health Minister K. However, the two soft-drink giants also recognize that opportunities for growth in many of the mature markets have slowed.

Both of the companies are using the electronic media advertisement very effectively keeping in view the social norms of India. These demands included the permanent closure of the bottling plant in Kerala, compensation for the affected community members and prosecution of the Coca-Cola Company for criminal offences.

Coca Cola also formed partnership with Godrej which is a local bottling firm. Consumers must come first in my opinion. These projects combine modern technology with the reinstatement of traditional methods of water management that had fallen into disrepair in some local communities.

Unlike with other statistical techniques, the user does not have to commission an expensive market research report just to tell them what they already know about the existing market. The Court recognised that the State as a trustee is under a legal duty to protect natural resources.

If consumers cannot tell the difference in taste between the two in a blind taste test, then the only differentiating qualities are the product brands. The Market Map at the beginning of the Cola Wars looked like this: The campaign was a huge success at the time and allowed Pepsi to double their profits.

How can Pepsi and Coke confront the issues of water use in the manufacture of their products? This could create more problems for them. To date, we have installed rainwater harvesting systems in locations, including schools and farms, that are helping recharge aquifers when the rains come.

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Indians are encouraged to consume national products. These criteria are backed by internationally accepted analytical testing protocols for these ingredients. If not, could developments in the political arena have been handled better by each company? Protests against the Coco Cola factories have taken place in a number of districts including: We must get compensation for all the crimes committed by the company.

Coca Cola and PepsiCo are both international brands. PepsiCo also focused on introducing some local tastes from their brand name 7UP Lehar. In India, a new campaign was announced in Gangaikondan, in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, against a Coca-Cola bottling plant under construction.

The Coke Pepsi Rivalry

The Kerala State Pollution Control Board ordered a ban on the manufacture and sale of Coca Cola in the State questioning the safety of the product itself, based on allegations that it contained pesticides and harmful chemicals in a report by an NGO, the Centre for Science and Environment, New Delhi.

Geographic Distribution To test whether adjusting their product distribution strategy would be successful, Pepsi could make this adjustment to the Market Map: The new data can then be integrated into the Market Map.

Furthermore, the Board believes that producing the report called for in this proposal would create a redundant use of Company human and financial resources. Some analysts consider that Coca-Cola India made mistakes in planning and managing its return to India.

Coca-Cola has a shared interest with the communities where we operate in healthy watersheds — because they sustain life and our business. With these 6 data points we can start to tune our model.Case study on Coca Cola entering Indian Market. Coke and Pepsi Learn to Compete in India 1. Coke and Pepsi - Case Study in the Indian Business Environment Yashaswini Agarwal.

Pepsi entry into india Jay Sanghrajka. A. One in particular is the Coca-Cola India Case Study. On August 5,Coca-Cola India was attacked by The Center for Science and Environment (CSE), an activist group of engineers, scientists, journalists and environmentalists in India, for unsafe products, said to contain pesticide residues which surpassed global standards.5/5(1).

Case against Coca-Cola Kerala State: India In a number of districts of India, Coca Cola and its subsidiaries are accused of creating severe water shortages for the community by extracting large quantities of water for their factories, affecting both. However, Eastern Europe, Mexico, China, Saudi Arabia, and India have become the new "hot spots." Both Coca-Cola and Pepsi are forming joint bottling ventures in these nations and in other areas where they see growth potential.

We will write a custom essay sample on Coke-India: Case Study specifically for you for only $ $/page. Order now Previous cases involving Coca-Cola Company show that this is not the first time that the company is involved in this type of allegations.

I think that Coke, Pepsi and other beverage companies in India should joint the. Coca-Cola India Case Study 1. Coca-Cola India San Francisco State University MKTG Fall Professor Veronica A.

Papyrina Group 3 The initialresponse of Coke and Pepsi denied of the validity of the CSE’s claims, and the companies attacked thecredibility of the CSE and their lab results, citing regular testing t independent.

Coke and pepsi in india case study
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