Alchemy desynthesis

There is an exception.

Desynthesis Leveling Guide

Contact Delightful, Detestable, Desynthesis! First, there is a food you can eat to improve your desynthesis odds for 30 Alchemy desynthesis. That gives you enough points to cap out three desynthesis skills and a very tiny little bit of a fourth one. Can get Allagan materials from desynthing Allagan armor.

Three of them in fact. As before though, it has no way to get Primal demimateria except Demimog or Mastercraft Demimateria. For maximum money making efficiency wear level crafting gear so you spiritbond while desynthesis.

Desynthesis is the process of taking items such as armor, weapons, etc. They are not actually used to craft anything, but can be vendored for a decent amount of gil.

This statement is not quite right. Goatskin Choker r26 [ Padded Leather Duckbills of Gathering r21 [ Battlecraft demimateria are used to fashion weapons and battle gear, and are often used in batches of anywhere from three to ten per piece.

However by no means is gil necessary, you can still level Desynthesis at a reasonable rate by farming, in addition with the Alchemy desynthesis Ixali quests, Grand Company mats are nearing the price point where it will be profitable to level during the middle point.

Dystia Wexnia of Lamia dSkill However you do have the chance to obtain the coveted Fieldcraft III. This goes for almost all weapons, tools, armor, accessories and furniture, wether they are crafted, bought, traded or obtained from dungeons, with the exception of certain items such as relic weapons, or items that can be reduced into aethersand.

Horobi Jainame of Malboro dSkill Although it might be tempting to produce Aetheryte Rings, FC2 Prices are currently very bad and you would end up losing a lot of money.

Extremely low level items will not provide Demimateria. No desynthesis process will ever allow the crafter to reclaim all, or even most, of the materials which were originally used to create the item; desynthesis only allows for certain particularly resilient materials to be salvaged. I got a hardsilver ingot and some clusters.

At the moment as of 3. Desynthesize as much as you can during the ten minutes the potion buff lasts! If you have trouble check out this guide for suggestions http: Currently Battlecraft Demimateria 2 BC2 is reasonable profitable to desynthesize though not as profitable as the humble Brass Ring of Crafting.

Clear demimateria are a consolation prize. The exact formula for the success rate modifier varies, with the penalty being less harsh at lower levels, and significant at higher levels. White Skillet r33 [ Classes Leveling and Endgame guides Please keep in mind that because prices are constantly fluctuating, it is hard to pinpoint the absolute cheapest way to level desynth at any given moment.

So, I have included a couple of options on getting over that gap. I will only focus on the non-CUL classes. Again, you want to focus on the cheapest item to grind.

Step 4 Leveling from Darklight accessories r70 [Dungeon: I believe that leveling ALC would be one of the more annoying classes due to the number of recipes that require intermediate equipment, and later on, your options are extremely limited and expensive.

The r dungeon gear can give BC3s though. Sell the materials, make your profit, and level your desynth incidentally. You may get multiples of a material if multiples of that mat were used to craft the item that is, if three electrum ingots were used to make a bracelet, you might get anywhere from zero to three ingots back from desynthesizing it.

On the other hand, if you do break them down, you can get materials like Spruce Lumber, as well as these: These are item level However since very few people actually need them, they will take much longer to sell.

Hempen Bandana r5 [Alchemy for Beginners. Other 1/99 Recast 1m. A useful volume covering the basics of desynthesis. ※Resets alchemy desynthesis skill to 1.

Delightful, Detestable, Desynthesis!

Other Sells for 66 gil Alchemy desynthesis for Beginners is a Other Item. Obtained By Recipe Requirement. Level. An item's ilvl and jlvl both have no bearing on desynthesis. The Craft Level (clvl, or c#, followed by 0 or more *s) denotes how hard an item is to craft.

Generally, recipes are designed to be made by crafters whose job level is the same as the clvl. Alchemy Desynthesis Recipes Jump to: Amateur; Recruit; Initiate; Novice; Apprentice; Journeyman; Craftsman; Amateur. Item Skill Cap Crystal Fewell Results; Bugbear Mask: 0: Lightning Crystal: 4x Glass Fiber 6x Glass Fiber 8x Glass Fiber 10x Glass Fiber: Orc Piercer: 0: Lightning Crystal: 1x Ash Lumber 1x Grass Thread.

Delightful, Detestable, Desynthesis! I’ve been fielding a lot of questions lately about the desynthesis skill, such as: What is it?

How do I get it? and, Should I even bother? Blacksmith, Carpentry, and Alchemy are rather poor choices, as the only drops you can desynth with those are a few weapons here and there, so your opportunities to.

Alchemist (ALC) Disciple of the Hand. The Armoury: Masters of Science and Nature, the devilish and the divine, alchemists ensure their livelihood through the transmogrification of mundane materials into wondrous waters─from curative concoctions to potent potables.

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Alchemy desynthesis
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